The Seed

by Echoes of Creation

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This single is based on a story introduced in our past EPs, "Evolve" and "Failure // Recovery". It deals with a survivor of Earth infected with the Wormwood virus searching the stars for people like herself.

The Wanderer - An evolved human who survived the destruction of Earth
The Child - An evolved human who is the lone survivor of Colony 3


(Little Girl Perspective)

The virus weakens
Their extremities on an enormous scale
Explode like pipe bombs
Gore weighing on mental health

"It's scary. I'm scared."
Now I'm the one who's scary

I witnessed the earth, purge the sick
Bodies burning, buildings crumble
True fear, synapses electrify
As I smell the act of rigor mortis
All kneel to the plague before us
Or wittiness the earth, purge the sick.

(RIP A-Rob)
"So long, goodbye!"

Tightening grip around my throat
My hands bloody, my body is cold
Imbalanced perfection
My mind now rots, is this what I've earned?

I hide from dreaming on
Meditate on morbid thought

As I open the door I quickly crumble to the floor
I hold my ears to their chest to hear their life is no more
Pacing down the stairs, gasping, panicking, impaired
Terror is that thick fog, the stench in the air
I watched the light fade
From their eyes

Diagnosed with clinical depression
That sure is a very unique descriptive deception
Dazed and Confused
I hate their mommies
Disdain their daddies
I'll eat your kids
And your babies
If reality is nothing more than personal perception,
I say it is you, sir, that lacks universal perspective.

[Nursery Rhymes]

(The Wanderer Perspective)

Violently harmed
Everyone's scarred
Kept near the edge
Tip toeing lines of who we are
I felt all minds, the sun, and the sky
As it leads me on bound and determined for my own demise.
In this ascended state, I now grasp the concept of human memory
And it's safe to say, I can no longer bear the burden of their mistake

Goodbye to the ones I loved
Sounds over a radio
I welcome this end slow
It's scary, I'm scared, and lost.

Awake new life
It's all I yearned for
Eyes so wide
And on the prize
Forging for new life
Within the ruined colonies
I claim the title of the seed
Nothing will hinder me

(Meeting of The Little Girl and The Wanderer)

Scorching the lands unfound
I heard her mourning miles away
In excitement I began the chase
She's begging for them to go away
She stands in awe pointing and screaming

"You're one of them, please do not stay."
"Oh child, dear child, I beg of you! Your future is bright with me."
She's begging for me to go away as she lifts a gun, now I'm the one screaming.

(Death of The Little Girl)

On the ground lay a body
Witnessing a soul lift from her vessel
Pure and uncorrupt of my presentation
Is this their wants? Is this their needs?

Your power will pale in comparison
Holding no light to the act I display
Now you know you cannot slip away
To a memory now forbidden
I will dominate, and strip them
Of their divinity, and their morality

I set my sights
To destroy this ancient civilization
On a mission to recruit new blood inside of Imperion
By the pull of a trigger
I will create efficient atrocity
Recycling the lead from their bodies
To refurbish weaponry
So many dreams torn apart
The past ripped to shreds
Now obtaining information
I will break from this
This depressive theme
Cornering such an innocent girl
And forcing her to play your villain


released August 11, 2017
Story Concept by Jacob Burton
Lyrics, Vocal Melody, and Vocal Patterns by Seth Herron
Music written by Jacob Burton, Chris Daugherty, Devin Parr, Tim McPherson, and Austin Cooley
Recorded by Seth Herron, Jacob Burton, Chris Daugherty, and Austin Cooley
Arranged by Seth Herron, Jacob Burton, Chris Daugherty, and Austin Cooley
Guitar Solo 1 & 2 by Jacob Burton
Guitar Solo 3 by Chris Daugherty
Guitar Solo 4 by Jacob Burton
Piano Writing and Arrangement by Jacob Burton
Piano Programming by Kevin Langley
Vocals Produced by Seth Herron, and Kevin Langley
Music Produced by Seth Herron, Jacob Burton, Chris Daugherty, and Kevin Langley
Recordings Edited by Kevin Langley
Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Langley
Artwork by Intuitive Design



all rights reserved


Echoes of Creation Birmingham, Alabama

Hailing from Alabama, Echoes of Creation brings you on a musical journey consisting of groove, melody, and atmosphere spanning a story of an epidemic, government secrets, space colonies, and the destruction of Earth.

Join us on the journey.
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