by Echoes of Creation

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This EP is based around a story which will be continued on future albums. The story follows Interstellar as he experiences government conspiracies and a life altering event that will change the world.

The Scientist - Head Scientist of Earth
Councilman - Leader of the Government
Interstellar - Son of the Scientist
Son - Son of the Scientist
Daughter - Daughter of the Scientist


released July 27, 2013

Music written and performed by Echoes of Creation
Produced by Echoes of Creation and Kevin Langley
Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Langley
Artwork by Galleon Creative



all rights reserved


Echoes of Creation Birmingham, Alabama

Hailing from Alabama, Echoes of Creation brings you on a musical journey consisting of groove, melody, and atmosphere spanning a story of an epidemic, government secrets, space colonies, and the destruction of Earth.

Join us on the journey.
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Track Name: Satellites
Being steered I see white lights, losing feeling of my insides
Groggy and dragging like an addict, I'm numb to all
Amnesia consumes my thoughts and it lies like a salesmen
I begin to ascend, drift in, drift out

(Visions of the future)
The end all, the be all

(Awaken back to present reality)
I see nothing, but black and burning stars around me
I see the world and its haunting me

(Continue experimentation)
They continue to watch me
Not letting up, like vultures
Circling their prey as they're laughing
I can't awake from this dream

Fragmented dreams
My bodies wrecked with pain

I feel there's something more to me, but I can't say what it should be
My sight has not regained, but I can feel my physical features have been modified

Torn asunder by the might of your knives
Fearing six feet under, and I'm losing my mind
Track Name: Interstellar Xenocide
The serpent awakens, witness my power in awe.

Ill crumble your weak foundation of your past, present, and future lives
Extinguish your race, to demonstrate power through your demise.

I feel lost, like a life line venturing in the world of the damned,
I cured them of their strife, a flawed society that brain washed their heads.

Perched up on your ruins
I fed my appetite for destruction

I am the god who came to purge you
Rid you of your putrid disease
An egomaniac that controls the world around you
I am salvation now get on your knees

I am the tune that death hums around you
Your blood with quench and suffice
I am your God

I feel lost, like a life line venturing in the world of the damned
I have become the one man show
All is gone, this world is no longer damned

To end all, their death is more of a want than a need.
The creator that thought up a god that brought this race to its knees.
Track Name: Departing
In search of hope, a new beginning far from here
We left our home, and with it evils that we feared

The sounds of our planet, we left behind
A closure, a clarity, we could not find

(Flashback dream sequence)

I could see it from the look in his eyes, we needed to get from here
I could feel the vibe come alive, haunting the room with fear

The room bringing out new home alive is feeling our hearts with dread
Our planet that burned so bright, this beginning isn't the end

We are departing

The thought of leaving our home behind is filling our hearts with dread Our planet that burned so bright, this beginning isn't the end

We are departing