Failure // Recovery

by Echoes of Creation

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This EP is based around a story which will be continued on future albums. The story follows Interstellar and The Councilman in the aftermath of the events of "Evolve".

The two characters are finding out who they really are; and as such, are determining the fate of events to come.

The Councilman - Former leader of the Earth Government
Interstellar - An evolved human being fighting between right and wrong


released March 31, 2015

Music written and performed by Echoes of Creation
Produced by Echoes of Creation and Kevin Langley
Engineered/Mixed/Mastered by Kevin Langley
Artwork by Soul Asphyx Arts



all rights reserved


Echoes of Creation Birmingham, Alabama

Hailing from Alabama, Echoes of Creation brings you on a musical journey consisting of groove, melody, and atmosphere spanning a story of an epidemic, government secrets, space colonies, and the destruction of Earth.

Join us on the journey.
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Track Name: Destroy. Rebuild.
Raised high, then ruined
I awoke to an empty Earth
Blind eyes, perception misconstrued
Weakness slaughtered the herd
All coordinates point to Imperion
A fail safe haven for when the end has come
Your voice will know silence
Your skin will decay
As you bastards rot in your graves
If all minds were aware enough to see
That an ordered approach runs more efficiently
Sacrifices would be made for this logical progression
To reestablish cultural deception
Wastelands of fire light up the earth as a pyre
To all whom couldn't weather the storm
Good riddance, I’m glad you suffered
Once highly revered, now filling the void
With my hatred as I lost the helm
Carrying the weight to save us
I’ll claim the throne as God
Destroy. Rebuild.
Track Name: Oxygen
My voice is broken
No sound escapes
With no conviction
Now I stand in awe
As rage consumes my being
As all life failed me
I wanted to bury them
And watch their bodies decay
An impulse decision leads to losing control
As memories slowly fade
Mangled carbon copies contort on the floor
As I stepped around their bodies I felt a sense of forlorn
Was this the work of my madness?
At the hands of a wicked fate
Violently they all suffered
As the subjects of my hate
I panicked as I lost my breathe
My chest feels like it caved in
Uncontrollable spasms damage my vulnerable psyche
Plummeting towards the Earth
As flames encase the hull
We’ll regress back to our natural form
I’m losing my memories
Flashbacks of older days
Now rot in a shallow grave